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  • Robots

    INT +3 CHA -2 STR 1 VIT 0 DEX 0 Robots are powerful, intelligent beings constructed of advanced circuits and run by electricity. However, lacking real emotion, they are not very personable and find negotiations with foreign leaders difficult.

  • Humans

    INT 0 CHA +2 STR +1 VIT -2 DEX +1 Although they were once the strongest fighters available, modern technology and alien evolution has rendered humans as the weakest species known. However, They make up for it in exceptional strength, dexterity, and …

  • Omnisentients

    INT +2 CHA 0 STR -1 VIT -1 DEX +2 The omnisentients are generally lightweight assassins, not possessing much strength, but having more than enough intelligence and dexterity to account for it. These skillful aliens often attack from a distance, or …

  • Zorgs

    INT -2 CHA -1 STR +3 VIT +3 DEX -1 The Zorgs are brutish aliens with little mental capacity and impulsive actions. Unlike other species, they will not kill for money. They will kill to save their lives, or the lives of others. Their planet's …

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